A Little History

The Crescent Funeral Top Hat



Simon Helliar-Moore began his career in the Funeral Profession in 1994 and now has over 26 years of experience within the profession, covering a varied career practising in Somerset, London and Bath.

Simon was born and raised in Taunton, Somerset. He and his family are well known around the town and the family still live here today.

Simon's journey into the world of funerals began in 1994, when he took a work experience placement with a Taunton company. From this time, Simon was set on having a life-long career as a Funeral Director serving his home town of Taunton.

After a couple of years in Taunton, Simon took the opportunity to work for a larger national company in London, where he gained valuable experience and development of his skills.

Following a family bereavement, Simon realised it was time to return to Somerset and in 2003, he was able to transfer to the beautiful city of Bath, where he was Community Manager and Funeral Director for three funeral homes in and around the area.

In 2006, Simon was given the opportunity he always longed for, to return to Somerset to become a Funeral Director in his home town of Taunton!

Taking up the position with the well known Independent Funeral Director, Nigel K Ford, he was to spend the next 10 years serving the people of the town at their time of need. In 2014, Nigel K Ford Funeral Director's took a different path and became part of a larger company, Dignity Funerals Limited.

In 2016, following the wonderful support of those closest to him, Simon was able to establish and begin a new business in the town and Crescent Funeral Services was born.

Since then, Simon and his team have gone from strength to strength, being regularly recognised for their outstanding level of customer service and the way they have used social media to help educate and support the general public.

Continuing to find unique ways to support families, Crescent Funeral Services were the very first Funeral Directors to provide independent, confidential and complimentary Bereavement Support.

Crescent Funeral Services have also been commended on working towards combating funeral poverty with clear, fair and affordable pricing, where no one is excluded due to their financial circumstances.

James Chorley joined the Crescent team at just 16 years old, in July 2018. Following in the footsteps of his late father Adam Chorley and starting his career in the very same way that Simon did.

In 2021, Simon took on the role of Student Assessor for the Independent Funeral Director College, using his vast knowledge and experience to support current and the next generation of Funeral Directors in pursuit of their continued professional development.

We are delighted in being the first, and currently the only, Independent Funeral Director in Taunton to be awarded the Funeral Director License by the Institute of Funeral Directors. When suffering from a bereavement, by choosing a Funeral professional who is a member of the British Institute of Funeral Directors, who has been awarded the licence, you can be certain that you are choosing a competent and qualified practitioner - the best qualified professional in your area.

At Crescent Funeral Services we will never stop providing the very best care for each one of our families, whilst finding ways to go above and beyond their expectations to ensure they and their loved one are looked after to the highest of standards and with the utmost care and attention. Your family at the very heart of everything we do.