The Crescent Coffin Selection

Although at Crescent Funeral Services, our inclusive funeral services provdie a coffin tailored to the individual choice, we also have a varied selection available to our families who decide for a bespoke approach to arrangements.

  • The Holway

    The Holway

    Elm, real wood veneer, suitable for Cremation. Fitted with Fleur de Lys coffin furnishings.
  • The Wilton

    The Wilton

    Oak, real wood veneer with a darker wood stain, panel sides and top. Suitable for cremation.
  • The Vivary

    The Vivary

    A traditional real wood veneer coffin, with moulded side panels and raised top, suitable for cremation or burial.
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Our bespoke coffin range

  • The Thurlbear Natural

    The Thurlbear Natural

    A traditional wooden coffin, with wooden furnishings and finished with naturally with our veneer. A suitable choice for those who appreciate wood in its natural state.
  • The Tone White

    The Tone White

    A white foil coffin with molded panels and top and supplied with silver affect coffin furniture. Suitable for cremation or burial.
  • Blagdon Sold Oak

    Blagdon Sold Oak

    A Traditional coffin made from solid oak with side panels and raised top, drop bar handles and luxury lining . Suitable for burial.
  • The Pitminster Mahogany

    The Pitminster Mahogany

    A traditional hardwood coffin with moulded panels and raised top. Suitable for cremation or burial.
  • The Taunton Casket

    The Taunton Casket

    The Ultimate Choice for burial. A solid wood casket, available in high quality woods, with fixed bar handles, hinged domed lid, luxury interior with adjustable mattress and locking mechanism. This casket is only available for burial.
  • Colourful Coffins

    Colourful Coffins

    An opportunity for the ultimate bespoke coffin, allowing a family to choose a unique design or colour to suit the personality of their loved one. Choose from pre-designed or add images such as favourite photographs.
    Starting at £750
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Our Natural coffin range

  • Somerset Willow Coffin

    Somerset Willow Coffin

    Handmade from willow grown on the Somerset Levels, these coffins are beautifully created using traditional techniques by the latest generation of the Musgrove Family. Supplied with an hand-engraved Oak name plate. Suitable for burial or cremation.
    Starting at £800
  • Woollen Coffin

    Woollen Coffin

    A hand crafted woolen coffin which is gentle on the eye and soft to the touch, can allow for a more relatable and easier experience for the family and can be particularly comforting to sensitive or younger individuals. Suitable for burial or cremation.
    Starting at £1,000
  • Cardboard Coffin

    Cardboard Coffin

    The cardboard coffin provides a no-fuss option for the environmentally conscious.
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